About WillowBee 

Willowbee started out as specially tailored day care after getting a perfect little Working Cocker spaniel pup called Willow. 

We have since grown together and created a little shop full of products to suit every dog and human.  

Over the last 5 years together we have created a successful day care and are jumping into the world of pet friendly products and running a little shop.


absolutely love candles but have always struggled to find planet friendly and dog friendly candles or wax melts, that had a good scent throw.

After a lot of research and testing we have finally released our first collections of coconut wax blend candles and wax melts, and the collections are about to get a lot bigger. 

We also have a small variety of dog and human accessories all handmade by myself, soon to be added is enrichment toys made using the left over fabric, enrichment is a huge part in owning dogs but products can be pricey, so handmade using left overs from other products will help create affordable fun products for all dogs to enjoy.