Dog Products 



We have three types of bandana. Frayed bandana's fastened with a popper, over the collar bandana and a tie up bandana. So you are sure to find something you love.

You can also personalise your bandana with your name.


Bow Ties

We like to have bow ties for both boys and girls. Each bow has been handmade to suit every pup that wears it. 

You are also able to personalise the bows with your name too.


Collar Sleeves 

Collar sleeves are new to the shop and will match all the bandanas and most of the bow ties. They are perfect to change the appearance of every collar without buying a new one.

Smart Dog



Hand made enrichment toys using the spare fabric from our other products made into unique and fun enrichment toys for all pups. 

Enrichment products are all different and will have different patterns on them they will also be added as they are made available.